On specified Saturdays, pre-sale, we have donation collections (10 AM - 2 PM).  These are very important volunteer days!  Please consider helping.

The Tuesday before the sale we assemble a team of helpers to transport our racks and boxes from Simmons House next door to the Masonic Lodge.

Tuesday through Friday before the sale is typically spent turning an empty lodge into a “store".
We need volunteers willing to come in (for any amount of time they can give) to help hang clothing, affix price tags, help us straighten up, etc.

We need the most help:
  1. TUESDAY THRU THURSDAY generally starting at 9 AM
  2. CASHIERS AND RUNNERS  on Saturday from 9-3 and Sunday from 10-1.
  3. AND ABLE-BODIED HELP  after the sale  on Sunday afternoon for bagging up the unsold clothing, sorting hangers, and bringing all the racks back to Simmons House.
  • The good feeling of camaraderie and knowing you helped in your community.
  • Meeting people and making new friends.

Thanks for volunteering! Someone will be in touch with you soon.

Or Call 802-457-1054